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Energy Transition Infrastructure

A regional answer to a global issue
14 November 2023
    Download the full reportPDF, 2.51MB

    A regional answer to a global issue

    • We believe Asia represents a significant opportunity for renewable energy investment, particularly given the outsize role coal has played (and still does in many countries) in the energy generation mix.
    • To arrive at any destination, one must first make steps towards it. Similarly, it is simply impossible to achieve a goal without making any effort or movement. It is also true when it comes to our climate targets – without investment and progress, they simply will not be achieved.
    • But much of the investment within the green energy infrastructure asset class – important to the delivery of climate targets – in our view, is targeted in the ‘wrong’ place or is focused on the ‘wrong’ assets, leaving significant gaps that need to be filled.
    Read our paper to learn more about the future of Energy Transition Infrastructure.